The Old Catholic Oratory of the Common Life - Pennsylvania, is coordinated by the Most Rev. Ken Denski, M. Div., DD.   Pastor Denski was trained at the Roman Catholic seminary in Philadelphia and has been an Old Catholic for many many years .... since his childhood when his grandparents took him to Mass at the Polish National Catholic Church (PNCC) which at that time was a member of the Utrecht Union of Churches (Old Catholic).


In his secular life, Mr. Denski is a Human Resources manager.  He is well trained in counseling from a benefits perspective as well as from a personnel management viewpoint.


Rev. Denski says Mass weekly at the Langhorn Gardens retirement home where he has been a chaplain for the past 14 years.  You will have to contact him for the time:  .  All are welcome who come in peace.  We practice "open communion" and turn no one away.  You will be very welcome and comfortable among us.


For information about other sacramental services, such as marriage ceremonies, you will have to make arrangements in advance.  He requires a couple months notice as a general rule (but not always).  It is not necessary to be a member of the Old Catholic church, nor the Oratory of the Common Life.   Pastor Ken is prepared to accomodate the needs of all faith communities who seek his aid in this manner. 


As much as we do not want to think about it, someday someone close to us passes from this life.  Father Ken is available to officiate at funeral services as needed with little notice.


Pastor Denski is actively seeking to establish Eucharistic communities in the Pennsylvania area.  If you are looking for a church home and not offended by a little organizational work, then he is looking for you.


If you are seeking Holy Orders (to be a deacon or priest) then the Old Catholic Oratory of the Common Life has a formation program designed to meet the needs of each individual.  Please read our web page on formation at the preceeding link or contact our vocational director:  Rev. Dr. Geof Acker.   Of course you are welcome to contact Pastor Ken also as noted above if you are in his area.


For information about Old Catholics in general and the Oratory of the Common Life in particular please read our main web page:  The Old Catholic Church - Oratory of the Common Life .


Below are links to our other Oratory of the Common Life.  If you see one in your area please make contact; we really want to talk with you.


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If there is no Oratory in your State and you would like to discuss organizing one please contact us through the main web page, the vocational director, or through any Oratory web page.  We welcome your thoughts and comments and hope that we can assist you in your journey.

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